Month: January 2007

foie gras – what is it? what nyc restaurants serve it? and why it should be banned!

Home » 2007 » January Foie Gras is the fatty liver of geese and ducks produced by forcing a metal tube down their throat and force feeding them while they are already bloated. You can view the following video that details the horrific process used to create foie gras. Those who are able to live through the 2-3 week torture await a painfull slaughter. It has been banned in Chicago, California, Wolf Gang Puck has denounced it and Israel does not even export ducks to France anymore because of their brutal foie gras production. The ducks are constricted in cages where they can not even turn around nor move backwards. Some ducks have even been found buried up to their neck in the ground to restrict their movement even more. You don’t have to be active in animal welfare to realize this is insanity and I’m ashamed that foie gras and veal are so widely popular in my hometown of new york city. If you eat these foods just please be aware that these animals were literally tortured to death to produce your meal. And by eating veal and foie gras you are supporting this practice. You can click the following link to sign a petition against foie gras being served in new york city. The following links will show you the restaurants in your neighborhood who serve foie gras. I would urge...

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