Month: March 2007

nyc dog trainer – how to stop your dog from pulling:

The one product I recommend to stop dogs from pulling is the sensation harness. In our experience dogs have liked it the most and it has been amazing with pulling dogs. It does not hurt dogs, usually has an immediate impact and if used correctly can stop your dog from jumping on people too. Dogs who are short hair breeds might need some extra room underneath their armpits if it starts to...

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petfood recall – turns out it wasn’t rat poinson:

In this ever changing story it turns out that it wasn’t rat poison causing the Menu Foods, Inc petfood recall after all. Scientists now think it was something called melamine, shipped from China, which is used to create plastic. “In animal studies, ingestion of large amounts of melamine in monomer form may lead to kidney stones, cancer or reproductive damage.” For an udated report on this story please click...

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in home nyc dog services vs. daycare / boarding

There is a huge divide between those who use nyc dog walkers and those who drop their dogs off at an nyc daycare facility. I’ve listed some of the pros and cons I see between the two of them below. in home nyc dog care:* pros: your dog gets to stay in it’s own environment and maintain it’s normal diet, walking routine, etc.. * cons: depending on the service you get, sometimes dogs are not tired out nyc doggy daycare / boarding:* pros: dog’s get mentally exhausted * cons: lost of dogs get sick in kennel’s; lack of cardio activity conclusion:I’m obviously biased because I run an nyc dog walking company but I do believe that if you construct your dog walking visit according to your needs (cardio, play visit, socialization, etc) you can achieve the social benefits of daycare while getting a better cardio workout than daycare. For those who would like to send their dogs to daycare we recommend the wagging tail in...

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