Month: April 2007

petfood recall – melamine is the chinese bread and butter:

Hey, what a surprise, a Chinese factory has routinely been adding melamine to wheat gluten meant for American pet food for a long time now. I’m glad to hear the food and drug administration has opened up a criminal investigation in the case and searched at least one pet food supplier. I have always worried about the import of produce from certain countries and especially when it comes to livestock. Not surprisingly the tainted melamine could have reached the human population if the department of agriculture had not quarantined 6,000 hogs who had accidentally been given pet food laced with melamine. Chinese factory officials can deny the use of melamine all they want but the use of melamine is widely known and accepted in china as a protein supplement for pet food given to livestock, etc.. They use it plain and simple to save a few bucks. To find the most recent pet food recall coverage from the ny times click here and a blog with great resources on the pet food recall can be found...

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new york city “not” in the top 10 for most humane animal cities:

New York City might be a great place for a puppy or kitten to find a home but it’s not good enough to put us in the top ten for most humane animal cities in the united states. A very interesting study performed by the humane society (, looked at American cities based on criteria ranging from how often animal issues are discussed in the local media to the amount of vegetarian restaurants in the area, to name a few. One of the things dragging down new york city’s ranking are the amount of fur stores and the demand for fur in general in new york city. With the excellent fur substitutes out there I don’t understand why someone would want to promote the cruel practice that fur farms perpetrate. Please click the following link to learn more about the cruel practice of creating fur. You should also keep in mind that foreign fur practices are even more brutal than American farms and much of the fur you will find is foreign. Chinese fur farms have routinely been accused and caught using domestic animals (cats and dogs) for fur items while purposely mis-labeling them as raccoon or squirrel. Their methods of killing for fur would make even a cave man wince. Please click the following link to see the full humane society report and how other cities ranked. San...

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products for people on the move (part 1)

Working outside requires a dog walker to be mobile and adaptable to many conditions, not least of which being the weather. This is the first in a series of posts discussing the products we have learned to love, can’t live without and should be very helpful for those of you always on the move. cell phones: 1. You can run a company directly from your blackberry. Sure the iPhone looks fun and the “Q” is nice on the eyes but at this point there is not a better phone for a business person on the go. I am excited to see how internet surfing will be on the iPhone considering it will use Apple’s native Safari as a browser. But on top of the blackberrys ability to deal with applications, it is also a solidly built phone. Outside of moisture which is a killer for all phones, I have dropped my blackberry almost 50 times and it still works perfectly. For reviews on pda’s you can search at either cnet or PcMag. I personally have the Blackberry 8700C through T-Mobile and I’m very happy with it. If you’d like to try a phone with a completely different keypad than you’re used to check out the nokia e70. You will need accessories ranging from phone covers to extra batteries and chargers. I have had good luck with I would...

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dealing with an overweight cat or dog:

It really depresses me to see an overweight cat or dog. They usually know they’re overweight too and actually seem embarrassed by it. I once left my cats with my Father for a prolonged period and when I came home they would have made Rerun from “What’s Happening” proud of his personal physique. When a dog or cat gets overweight they usually gain weight sideways but one of my cats had gained so much weight he had also started to expand up and down. It was very depressing to say the least and I had always taken great pride in keeping my cats fit. This seemed like an impossible task but I was determined to get them back in shape for their and my own happiness. The following are the keys to how I did get them to lose weight. I would consult with your vet before making any drastic changes. 1. I made sure they had no access to human food. I didn’t leave dishes out and always threw away the garbage immediately. 2. I changed their feeding schedule. Most American cats and dogs eat the way Americans do, which is a few large meals a day. They say it’s better to eat more meals but with smaller quantities. So instead of feeding my cats two large meals a day I started to feed them 5 small meals...

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