Month: May 2007

top 10 hazards for pets in 2006:

The following is the aspca’s list of the top ten hazards encountered by pets in 2006. 1. human medications – This has actually been number one on their list for years and they recommend storing your pills in a secure area. 2. insecticides – The highest percentage of cases were due to products that kill fleas, ticks, and other insects. 3. veterinary medications – Sometimes the right medication can be prescribed but it can be used wrong and they recommend following the label directions very closely. 4. plants – Some toxic plants families include lilies, azalea, rhododendron, sago palm, kalanchoe and schefflera. Whatever the plant though they recommend discouraging your dog from chewing on any plants. 5. rodenticides – This includes rat and mouse poisons. 6. household cleaners – These quite simply need to be stored in a secure place. 7. chocolate – This is always on the list and the caffeine in chocolate can be dangerous for dogs. 8. chemical hazards – This is a new one to their list and includes products such as antifreeze, paint thinner, drain cleaners and pool/spa chemicals. 9. physical hazards – These include things that can be choked on. They recommend taking extra care for items that can be broken, chewed up or swallowed. 10. home improvement products – This includes products such as paint, glue and other home construction...

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our dog running site is online:

We are proud to announce the start of our new company, nyc dog runners ( While our dog walking services are great for most dogs, some dogs need more of a workout and our nyc dog runners are great for overweight, high energy and aggressive dogs too. But all dogs can run and would benefit both physically and mentally from...

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