Month: November 2007

our new website is up –

It’s taken a long time but I’m happy to say that the new version of downtown pets website is now online. It was a very fun project with the graphic design being done by my assistant acacia rodriguez and I did the photography and web design. When I ran into a snag on my coding I found a wonderful company named the choppr and specifically I worked with someone named krasen who was a pleasure. The main service they offer is you can give them a jpg image of what you want your website to look like and within a few days they give you the coding for that image as a website. It’s a great...

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Robert DeNiro – GREATEST living movie actor?

You could make a strong case that Robert DeNiro is the greatest living actor around and he ranked first on my top ten working actor list which you can view here. My definition of a great actor is one who disappears in the role they are playing and is unrecognizable from one movie to the next. A category that one of my favorite actors, Gary Oldmam (“sid and nancy“, “state of grace” and “true romance” to name a few), would fit into also. While actors like Kevin Costner and Denzel Washington are charismatic and fun to watch, I do feel like they are being themselves at all times and you will find them to be similar from one role to the next. This to me is the making of a good but not all-time great actor. Let’s take a look at this outstanding top ten list I’ve put together of Robert DeNiro’s films. They can easily stand up against any fellow actors resume, from now or in the past. 10. heat – Heat is a pulsating romp through the crime underworld of LA seen through the brilliant eyes of director Michael Mann. This movie carries an all-star cast of Val Kilmer, Al Pacino and many more but in every scene we see DeNiro (including DeNiros first ever scene with Al Pacino) he steals the show. 9. his comedies –...

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