Month: July 2008

When comic geniuses lose their minds and careers!

I don’t know how or why Eddie Murphy got teamed up with Rick James to create this gem (aahhahah that’s a good one my friend), “Party all the Time”. It made me think how far Murphy has fallen, even farther than DeNiro and Pacino in regards to quality films. It’s sad too because Murphy broke down many barriers for black actors and comedians becoming a marketable, bankable black comedian. You can almost forget his all-time classic resume of comedic performances in 48 Hours, Trading Places, Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop (the first movie I ever purchased) and The Nutty Professor. Well, oh yeah and this comedy gem below (^_^) There’s lots to love in this video but I especially love those in the sound booth reacting to this song as if, “oh hell yeah, he nailed it man, he’s created the party anthem of the...

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Water Therapy for NYC Dogs –

I’m happy to see that since The Dog Run – NYC closed their doors a new location has opened for water therapy for NYC dogs. Water 4 Dogs is located on 77 Worth Street between Church and Broadway. Water Therapy for dogs is great to increase and build mobility, muscle, range of motion, endurance and flexibility. It can especially be helpful for older dogs with hip problems, aches, etc. The wonderful dog pictured here is one of our longest standing clients and her name is...

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