Month: July 2011

St Lukes In The Fields Church Apartments, West Village, New York City – St Lukes apartments NYC

A terrible experience living an apartment at St. Lukes In The Fields Church Apartments in the West Village of New York City If you had a bad experience too please click here ***************** (the above image shows how much mud flooded into our child’s bedroom while living in a St Lukes in the Fields apartment in the West Village of New York City on Hudson Street, and NOTHING was ever done to clean the mud, we had to arrange this, and MONTHS LATER a huge layer of black mold would be found on the wall behind the radiator (the only reason the wall was checked was from my request)(the following quotes are from “others” regarding St Lukes In The Fields Apartments and not us) “…in the 1940’s or 1950’s they tore down all the building’s of St Lukes because they were considered such health hazards…” “…management doesn’t take care of a problem until it’s too late…” “…are you moving out of here and suing like every other tenant is forced to these days?” “…I knew of a tenant who lived there whose entire basement floor had eroded, there was no floor left, because of the moisture…when the tenant asked management for help with their problem they told them they were crazy…when a building inspector came to inspect the apartment he said “this is one of the worst cases of mold I’ve...

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