is the closest to a real magazine of all the dog magazines I’ve read. It’s articles are relevant, insightful and the artwork and images are very classy. I could see a dog owner having this magazine sit along side their esquire, real simple or sports illustrated. Grade = B+/A-

The New York Dog is a fun, if not goofy magazine that celebrates the high society of dogs and their owners. It’s sort of a cross of US, Entertainment Weekly and a dog magazine and it should appeal to those who want something on the lighter side. Grade = B

Dog Fancy to me is written by and made for hardcore dog enthusiasts and I do feel this magazine tries the hardest. But unfortunately there is just too much going on. It’s sensory overload as every half page is like being in a brand new magazine all together. There is also just way too many advertisements. You’ll definitely learn something from this magazine but it needs to improve on the overall flow. Grade = C+/B-

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