1. nyc dog yoga – What does that mean exactly? Well your Burmese Mountain Dog is not going to be doing the laughing lotus but doing yoga with your dog can be extremely peaceful for both of you!

2. nyc pet fashion week – You now have the ability to wear matching armaniesque outfits with your dog – only in new york, or ok los angeles probably too.

3. art of the dog massage – We give dogs massages all the time, might as well do it right!

4. sim pets / the game – Bring home a stray dog; train it; buy it toys, outfits and treats; take it to the local dog run but most importantly keep it happy or it will run away. If you get “too” addicted to this game please do as I did and throw it out!

5. dog breed meet up groups – Sounds fun but where is the nyc meet up group for mutts? Maybe I just missed it but if not someone should start one.

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