1. celebrate your dogs birthday – Give your dog a carob cupcake or brownie for their birthday and watch them get sick as hell but come on, it’s their birthday!

2. take your dog to central park – Where else in Manhattan can your dog walk over so much dirt and roll in the grass without getting arrested? If it’s your thing there are also hours of the day you can let your dog off leash but please, if your dog can not even remember it’s own name, you might want to think twice about doing that, at least on the days cars are allowed in the park.

3. have your dog photographed – If your 5 megapixel canon is not cutting it maybe you want to include a professional nyc dog photographer?

4. use an nyc dog trainer – Admit it, your dog has a problem, he likes to go #2 on your coffee table. And your explanation that he only does it when there is a full moon is not cutting it anymore. Treat yourself and your dog to an nyc dog trainer! What seems expensive today will be a bargain once that nagging situation has been solved and a good trainer will continue to answer your questions long after your check has cleared.

5. get a 2nd dog – Only have one dog? Get them a friend and watch how much more happy and well rested you find them! I tell my clients all the time if they had a second dog they would probably use us less (: Fine with me if it helps needing dogs get a home. If possible adopt a dog from the nycacc or your local shelter but either way be sure to investigate the compatibility beforehand of your dogs personality with the new dog. And it’s always best to have your first dog “trained” before getting a second dog.

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  1. Great list! My dogs birthday is next month and I think I will throw him his first birthday party – I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. re.: dogs off leash in central park / maybe “not for long”, there is pending legislation that would make it illegal to have your dog off leash in city parks ):

  3. i hope dogs being off leash does become illegal / i walk my dog in soho all the time, a big sweet mutt named ronaldo and there is this wacky women who walks three little dogs off leash / nice enough dogs but they dart straight for ronaldo every time / ronaldo is a sweet dog but if dogs go after him he responds / if you see this woman please take her picture but either way i think dogs should be on leash in the city

  4. Dogs are supposed to be on leash “on the streets” but this pending legislation would end the “un-written” off leash laws that people can have their dog off leash in city parks during certain hours. I’m preparing a post about this very subject and will put it online soon!

  5. no, I personally don’t / no matter how well trained a dog is they can get distracted but more than anything is all the potential dangers on the streets, aka delivery boys!

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