Ducks and geese are hilarious and they look and sound funny. From “daffy duck” to “aflec” commercials, ducks have been referenced more than any animal outside of maybe monkeys when it comes to pop culture.

But ducks and geese, like most birds, are much smarter then many realize and they have very strong familial ties.

The saddest part of the history and present life of ducks and geese is foie gras. You can view the following video which details the horrific process of creating foie gras.

Foie Gras is the fatty liver of ducks and geese produced by forcing a metal tube down their throat and on a daily basis force feeding them 30% of their total body weight (just imagine if you were “forced” to eat 30% of your total body weight – for me that would be about 50 pounds of food in a day!). Those who are able to live through the 2-3 week torture await a painfull slaughter. It has been banned in Chicago, California, Wolf Gang Puck has denounced it and Israel does not even export ducks to France anymore because of their brutal foie gras production. Please click the following link for a list of new york city restaurants who serve foie gras. Please click the following link to sign a petition to ban foie gras in new york city.

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  1. I grew up around ducks, geese, chickens and turkeys. The friendliest animals you can imagine. I watched the foie gras video and you can clearly see how scared and in pain the ducks are.

  2. Excellent post and great work on the list of nyc restaurants who serve foie gras. I will not be visiting a few of these until they stop service foie gras!

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