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NYC dog laws:

There are a variety of laws that pertain to owning animals in New York City and violating them can lead to fines of $2,000.

The most common of these are:

Dog Licenses (167;161.04)

Your dog(s) must wear a valid metal tag at all times displaying the license obtained from the New York City department of health.

Click the following link for an nyc dog license

nyc dog license application

Dog leash law (167;161.05)

If you are walking a dog in a public and / or open area next to a public area it is necessary to have your dog on a leash and that leash can be no more than six feet.

Canine waste law:

(“pooper scooper law” – section 1310 of New York State public health code) Plain and simple you must clean up after your dog on the street.

NYC Dog Laws


Rabies vaccination law (11.66. – Rabies: compulsory vaccination)

Any cat or dog you own in New York City over three months of age must be immunized against rabies.

The animal nuisance law (167;161.03)

Any person who owns a cat, dog, or any other animal will not allow that animal to create a public nuisance in either a public place or an open area, wall, fence, window next to a public place.

Determination of a dangerous dog (167;17-345)

A dangerous dog is defined as –


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