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Why is NYC dog walking such a great job?

Is it being outside? Is it working with animals for a living?

Available positions?

1. Full-time (9am – 5pm) / $400-$900 a week

2. Part-time (10-2 / 12-5) / $200-$300 a week

3. On call / available certain days of the week if needed

Please e-mail back with the following information:

No attachments please – e-mails w/attachments will
immediately be deleted.

1. A phone number to reach you?

2. Why do you think you would be a good dog walker?

3. Are you presently pursuing a specific career? What type?

4. Do you have any vacations coming up?

5. Are you applying for grants, internships, etc.?

6. Do you have the ability (the interest) in biking around the city?
Not with dogs but to appointments.

7. Most recent education?

8. Where do you live?

Thank you for your responses and while we can not respond to
everyone, we do read all responses.