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add nyc dog services -(for exisiting clients only)


The benefits to a completely housetrained dog are –

* You can take your dog anywhere!

* Housetraining a dog is cost effective!

* It makes you and your dog happier and healthier!

I would like to –

crate train my dog

housetrain my dog “without” a crate

request more information on housetraining a dog


For dogs who pull on the leash we recommendthe “sensation harness”.
It does not hurt dogslike many other training devices do. It is veryeasy to
put on, helps your dog stop pulling(almost immediately) and helps with
overallbasic training too.

I would like to –

buy a sensation harness

learn more about sensation harness’


request signin book


I’ve made a 2nd set of keys

your address

your dog(s) name