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nyc vetsDowntown Pet“Professional NYC dog walkers,
dog trainers and pet sitters
serving Lower Manhattan.”
(212) 647-0634
House training your NYC dog:
Downtown Pets offers a comprehensive apporach
to house training your puppy or adult dog.

Areas covered:
* Walking schedule based on your routine & dogs habits, breed, etc.

* Provide information and basics of crate training

* Answer any and all questions you have like:

* Is it absolutely necessary to crate my dog?

* How long can my dog be out of its crate?

* When my dog makes a mistake in the house, why is it always #1?
Board and train:

* On certain occasions we can arrange for board and trains with one of our NYC dog trainers.

* Your dog is boarded by one of our trainer’s and on top of basic training is also house trained.

* Contact us to learn more by clicking here

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