It’s coming up on the one year anniversary of when I became a vegetarian and shortly thereafter a vegan. I’ve always been an animal lover and active in animal welfare, so I wonder myself why it took me so long in my life to go vegan? I guess part of the reason is that I was raised as a meat eater. The other reason is like most I was naive to what actually happens on American farms and I was side tracked by funny commercials of goofy guys eating burgers, etc.. But nearly one year ago today I watched three separate videos which changed my life forever. You hear about the conditions of farm animals today and you even see the pictures too but there’s nothing like watching the videos. It’s tough to watch and it rocked my world but I’m glad I went through that pain to see the realities of industrial farming. To compare my pain watching the videos with having my eyes opened to what farm animals go through daily, is laughable. It wasn’t something I wanted to be a “part of” one day longer. The videos I watched were very graphic but if you’d like to view them they were of:

AgriProcessors, the world’s largest glatt kosher slaughterhouse

Australian sheep and cattle exports to the Middle East

meet your meat (narrated by Alec Baldwin)

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