It’s coming up on the one year anniversary of when I became a vegetarian and shortly thereafter a vegan. I’ve always been an animal lover and active in animal welfare, so I wonder myself why it took me so long in my life to go vegan? I guess part of the reason is that I was raised as a meat eater. The other reason is like most I was naive to what actually happens on American farms and I was side tracked by funny commercials of goofy guys eating burgers, etc.. But nearly one year ago today I watched three separate videos which changed my life forever. You hear about the conditions of farm animals today and you even see the pictures too but there’s nothing like watching the videos. It’s tough to watch and it rocked my world but I’m glad I went through that pain to see the realities of industrial farming. To compare my pain watching the videos with having my eyes opened to what farm animals go through daily, is laughable. It wasn’t something I wanted to be a “part of” one day longer. The videos I watched were very graphic but if you’d like to view them they were of:

AgriProcessors, the world’s largest glatt kosher slaughterhouse

Australian sheep and cattle exports to the Middle East

meet your meat (narrated by Alec Baldwin)

Please click the following link for a free vegetarian starter kit.

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  1. I started out a vegetarian too, which is really easy, and have since gone vegan. It’s a happy and guilt-free way to live your life.

  2. My Father just went vegetarian which I can’t believe. He did it for health reasons but he is also happy to do so for animals sakes too (:

  3. Most people don’t even know what industrial farming means and these videos definitely show you that. Exporting animals in tightly packed ships to countries that can’t even handle the process of slaughtering them is a perfect example of the “machine” at work.

  4. I became a vegaetarian almost three years ago myself. It’s amazing to think how easy it’s been for me to find clothing, cleaning products, food, etc. that does not contain animal products nor has been tested on animals. I realize I’m lucky to live in New York City but I think this is catching on everywhere.

  5. I’m twenty-three and I live in Atlanta. A lot of my friends are going vegetarian or vegan and lots of others are interested in it. People don’t like how the aniamls are being treated and you just can’t seem to trust anyone when it comes to industrial farms especially.

  6. Going vegetarian falls under the same category as recycling and caring about the planet. They really are one in the same from a moral point of view but also from an environmental one – industrial farming is a huge polluter!

  7. Hmm, let’s see, a vegan / vegetarian lifestyle is healthier, you look better, feel better, is good for the environment and animals are not brutalized…hmm, that’s a tough one.

  8. My man Baldwin looked real bad in the news recently but he does great work for animals – hopefully he can get things sorted out with his daughter. Anyone who can watch these videos and not then care where their meat comes from has problems.

  9. A vegetarian and especially a vegan lifestyle is “so” much healthier for you and there are so many great things to eat!!!

  10. I’d love to say what you see in these videos is rare but it’s not. If a worker in a slaughterhouse tells his boss the animals are being cut up alive they have to shut down the hole line. How do you think his fellow workers and company look at him? Many of these people are illegal aliens to start with and scared to say anything.

  11. Glad to hear you went vegan and what’s great about being a vegan or me is there’s no more guilt when it comes to my relationship with animals. I guess you can’t have it both way – you have to care about where your food and products comes from.

  12. Nice to see one of the benefits of a digital world to be the sick culture of industrial agriculture being exposed.

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