Molly Shannon stars in a movie written by the writer of “School of Rock”. It’s about a woman who becomes an animal-rights advocate after the loss of her dog. You can view a clip from it here and a piece of the review below.

by MANOHLA DARGIS of the NY Times

“In its broad outline, “Year of the Dog” is the story of a woman who goes slightly bonkers and becomes an animal-rights advocate, not because she’s bonkers, but because the love of animals is where she finally finds her peace of mind, sense of self, grace. It’s also about the creation of conscience, about what makes us human and why, a surprisingly little-told story in contemporary American cinema.”

“You can learn a lot from our movies, like how to hold a gun and blow someone’s head off. It’s more unusual to watch a film in which the central struggle is how to be happy and sane. There’s a touch of the saint in Peggy, true, but what makes me love her is that she’s ridiculously, beautifully human.” To view the entire story click here!

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