In a fascinating study by discovery news it has been determined that monkeys have evolved more than humans in the 6 to 7 million years since “both diverged from a common ancestor”. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean monkeys are smarter than humans but it does raise questions about human evolution. It also adds fire to the movement against lab testing on primates. Keep in mind that many of these animal tests are pointless and barbaric. I witnessed one such test where an injury was purposely inflicted on a monkeys head and the purpose of this test? To see if trauma to the monkeys head would cause it’s menstrual cycle to change! Even schools such as columbia university, here in new york city, participate in similar tests. Click the following link to view some of bill maher’s open letter to columbia university against their animal testing program.

But what about the animal lab testing meant for cancer? aids? etc.? The lab testing “industry” loves to make the conversation that simplistic or I should say they like to dismiss those against animal testing as being against cures for terrible diseases. This is simply not the case. Tell me, do you think a monkey, rabbit or any animal should be subjected to painful, repetitive lab tests to improve the lip balms of the world? Lab animals are pushed to the point and many times over the threshold of sanity and their reward is limited to no veterinary care and a slow, painful death. I think I can live with my cosmetics and household cleaning products just as good as they are now.

Why is it that certain companies can put out good alternative products that have not been tested on animals? Maybe companies should be given tax incentives to not test their products on animals. This would give them more room to improve their products. And what about all these companies who test on animals? Are they purely evil? I don’t know but I’d partly base it on how interested they are in finding alternatives to testing on animals. How much money is being allocated to alternative research by these companies? By the U.S. government? Maybe we as consumers should speak a little louder by only giving our hard earned money to companies who do not test on animals. And if there is a product you simply can not give up then write or call that company and ask them to invest in finding alternatives to lab tests on animals.

Please click the following link for a list of companies who do and do not test their products on animals.

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  1. Half the companies I buy products from test on animals / thanks for the list. Might you post your own recommendations for products? You seem to know a lot about this, thanks.

  2. Great post and agree while we should look for alternatives for all animal testing, let’s start by ending testing on primates. It’s literally like testing on humans.

  3. This makes me think of the movie Project X which made me so depressed. I can’t believe these practices are still being used. I have had a pretty easy time finding some great products that don’t test on animals. I can’t tell the difference between those and the many I used to use!

  4. Yeah, project X was so sad but unfortunately that was like Disney World compared to what goes on in most labs.

  5. Have you ever seen a picture or video of monkies walking together as a family? It’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen. I will definitely be shopping based on this list you’ve provided!

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