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  1. That was cool and I didn’t realize birds could have that type of interaction – might look into getting one.

  2. I love birds and own too! They make great pets and are very social and loving (: Just keep the cats far, far away – they don’t make good house mates.

  3. That was the cutest thing! When I was a little kid I had a cockateil that would ride on my brother’s doberman’s back. Lucy (the bird) would give her gentle kisses on her nose too. It was the cutest thing ever. The dog was a senior so she wasn’t hyper, and she was very well trained. I think she liked my Lucy as much as Lucy liked her. Birds are great pets, but only for those that do the research and understand their needs. Great video!

  4. That is hilarious. I have to warn those who are charmed though: the larger parrots (like the one pictured here) are more likely to be able to talk etc which makes them appealling pets, but they have VERY long lives. Think hard before getting a parrot if youre willing to make the necessary 30-80 year (or 120, in case of some breeds) commitment!

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