B Dealers – Class B dealers are licensed by the USDA to buy animals from “random sources” (for the reason of SELLING THEM TO LABS TO BE TESTED ON). This refers to animals who were not purpose-bred or raised on the dealers’ property. Animals from “random sources” come from auctions, pound seizure, newspaper ads, and a small number may be stolen pets or illegally trapped strays.

Around a year ago I watched a documentary on HBO called Dealing Dogs. It details an undercover operation by a brave young man who infiltrated a B Dealer and documented the abuses being committed (common abuses in this industry) in the B dealer kennel. Many of the animals at the kennel were stolen, lost, etc. Animals held by B Dealers are eventually sold to labs where cruel and usually lethal lab tests are performed on them. You can click the following link to learn more about the documentary Dealing Dogs and to view a trailer (on the top right of page you’ll be taken to).

What is most upsetting to me about the B dealers is that the worst is yet to come for these poor little dogs. Their next home will be in a lab (maybe at Columbia University) to endure lab tests that are cruel, deadly and almost always un-necessary.

All investigations into labs likes these show the animals have no social interactions and do not receive necessary medical attention. You can click the following link to learn more about lab testing by companies.

What can you do? If you want to live a guilt free life and if you don’t already, you need to care about the companies you support. Supporting a company who tortures monkeys to make you better cosmetics is not a guilt free lifestyle. Please click the following link to view some animal friendly products and you can also click this link to view companies who DO and DO NOT test their products on animals.

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