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Would you believe that the only brand of apple juice you buy in the united states, who actually uses American apples, is martinelli’s? The rest come from China!

It’s hard to believe but true. On top of the growing concern over where the ingredients for our produce and prescription pills come from is the idea of keeping things local. The more local you keep the things you buy, the smaller the carbon footprint you will personally leave on the environment.

Patagonia is a wonderful company with a strong commitment to protecting the environment. On their website you can track the journey, from start to finish, of a single piece of clothing, shoe, etc.. You’d be amazed at how many different countries play a part in creating a piece of clothing, electronics or even the food on your plate at night. Obviously the longer the distance your item travels to you, the greater the carbon footprint.

Farmers markets are an easy way to ensure you are buying things local but looking at the labels on the brands you are buying can help too. It just doesn’t seem necessary for your bottle of apple juice to be coming from china.

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