I was recently given a box filled with all the documents of my childhood my Mother has collected for me over the years. It’s been fascinating to look over and I found something I wrote when in 2nd grade about protecting your cat and it goes:

“How to protect your cat? Toys that can be ripped apart, chewed, or swallowed should be kept from your cat. Some plants are very dangerous. Ivy has proven fatal to many cats. Open windows are a source of danger, for cats are not aware of great heights and can ignore or kill themselves if they fall. It is unwise to to let your cat roam the neighborhood unattended. Cats allowed to roam rarely reach 9 years of age. A cat properly cared for and kept in the house can live 17 years. Your cat does not need to go outside but it will unless you give it anuff attention. And if you don’t give your cats anuf food they will get very weak.”

Some good advice there (:

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