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Molly the Cat – stuck in a historical West Village Building / by Josh Schermer:

Molly, the store cat of Myer’s on Keswick (on Hudson between Jane & Horatio in
NYC), ran away from a dog last week (04/02/06) and has gotten stuck somewhere in the side
wall of the building. What started as a simple search and rescue has turned into a Citywide
outpouring of love for this lost, scared little cat. News organizations have
started running the story and have received “large” responses. How can you help?
Unless you are a structural engineer and / or can get the city to facilitate getting
blue prints of the building, the best you can do is call your local officials directly
or through calling “311” and pray for her safe removal too! I and the other people
involved believe an animal’s life is worth a humans and that they should receive
the same help when in trouble.

Once this experience has ended I will write about it and hopefully it will help others
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