Amy’s Vegetarian and Vegan Food Products –

Amy’s frozen food products are all vegetarian, many vegan and largely organic too. I personally eat the tofu scrambles and the vegan pizza which are excellent. Their food lines are great for people with food allergies too. You can click the following link to search their food items while leaving out ingredients you are allergic […]

Puppies & Ice Cream….oh hell yeah!

Turtle Mountain specializes in amazing non-dairy ice cream called Purely Decedent and now they have come up with a brand that uses no dairy and no soy. The base of the ice cream is coconut milk, it’s much healthier than normal ice cream and it’s belissima! The coconut milk based flavors presently come in chocolate, […]

Vegan Diet –

Here are some quick tips and products where you can find nutrients you need in a vegan diet. While most of them can be found in vegetables and vegetable based proteins these are some quick ways to get your daily doses. I’m not vouching for this approach and you should obviously research it yourself, maybe […]

Vegetarian Times –

Vegetarian Times the magazine and their website are insightful resources into a compassionate lifestyle. They have mouthwatering food images, vegan and vegetarian recipes and wonderful editorials ranging from environmentally friendly products to how you can turn everything from your backyard to your New York City balcony into a Certified Wildlife Habitat (May 2008 issue). Please […]

Vegan Roll Call –

image source: I woke up hungry today and here’s a quick roll call of the vegan meals on my mind. Organic greens topped with smoked tofu and toasted almonds; whole wheat wrap with brown rice, black beans, guacamole and lettuce; amy’s tofu scramble wrap with organic tofu, mushroom and peppers; salad with smoked tofu, soy […]