There seems to be a divide between those who love cats and those addicted to dogs. I more often hear dog owners say they don’t like cats than the reverse but overall people seem to choose a side here. My first question to someone like this is always, “but have you ever owned a cat or dog, etc..” They usually say no or that they had a bad experience as a kid. Many dog owners seem to think cats are aloof and vicious. Many cat owners seem to think dogs are dumb, smelly and A.D.D.. This is simply not true on either case. The fact is for most people, if you brought home a feral cat or a stray dog you would fall in love with them and they with you.

More and more these days the two cultures are clashing and people are getting cats and dogs for the same household. Is there anything cuter than a dog and cat sleeping together? It’s surely not all roses, especially if your cat and dog are not very young. An older cat and dog can be more difficult to ingratiate. It can also be harder if you already own one of them and are trying to introduce a new animal to your home. That’s not to say it can’t be done and of course the personality and breed of the pets play a role. But either way you should take some precautions before rushing out and getting a Bull Mastiff to live with your Persian. You can find articles to read further about this here and here.

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  1. I rescued two cats (a mother and her kitten) about 8 months ago. I’m not really an insane cat lover, but I fell in love with these and had to take them in. The mommy cat was the most loving cat you could ever meet the very first time that I met her. My husband is an avid cat lover, became highly allergic to them and actually had hives for 2 weeks straight and refused to try to find them another home. We actually had to bathe the cats (not fun) and he hasn’t had a single problem with them since. The extra info is to let you know how attached to the cats we are. Now since I’m a dog lover…I just had to have one. In January, I got my wish with a little 6 week old pitbull puppy that’s the cutest thing you ever saw. We gated him in the kitchen immediately upon arriving at home to make sure that our cat babies could have their space and come to him when they were ready. The best and most memorable part of that day is that my kitten would not stay away from him. I mean she kept jumping the child gate to get into the kitchen to play with him…and she loved batting at his tale. Since he’s gotten bigger she has become a little afraid of him, he doesn’t chase her, but she still comes into “his” area by jumping over the child gate into the living room/kitchen area. The cats like to sit on the back of the couches and watch the dogs. I’ve taught him with A LOT of praise, patience, and treats NOT to chase the cats. He lays on the floor right next to my feet and watches them run around the room just wagging his tale and watching them like a hawk. The cats have full run of the back of our apartment, especially mommy and daddy’s room all to themselves. The hilarious part about it is that if the cats don’t see the dogs they stand around the living room meowing and looking around, and then finally walk up to their crates and start smelling them. We took in a puppy that someone was trying to get rid of and she ignores the cats too, she’s more worried about playing with big brother. I would say that with my situation, my pets are co-existing. They aren’t best friends yet, but they definitely peacefully co-exist…so we’re all happy in the end. My father-in-law said my apartment is a petting zoo…lol. It’s stressful with having to get up early in the morning and deal with feeding, walking, cleaning the litterbox, etc. and dealing with my human kids…but I really would have it no other way. It also feels good that 3 out of my 4 animals were in need. This was an excellent post though…and it is kind of hard to find good advice on how to make it work…so thanks for posting…I really enjoyed this!

  2. Nice work Letizia! Sounds like you’ve really worked hard and done a great thing for animals in need. My cats hated each other in the beginning and still fight to this day but they do love each other now and get along better than than ever.

  3. My Siamese cat recently died, at 18. I have one other grey cat and I have two golden retrievers. The dogs came after the cats. The cats were wary at first but found they could jump on the table. One week after the oldest golden was about six months, I came home and the Siamese was sleeping with the golden. His expression was “Don’t tell”. But then everyone settled in together. Now all the guys miss the Siamese, as I do desperately. If you hear of a Siamese kitten please let me know. [email protected].

    I did nothing special with the introduction of these animals. Occasionally I would say no, or whatever but after a month or so, they all became a big family.

    The dog has looked through my closets to find the Siamese. But he is no longer with us.


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