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A New York Times article has documented that “monitoring by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Department of Consumer Affairs at the Central Park South carriage stands is inadequate, the audit found, and lax veterinary care in the field and infrequent inspections have created health hazards.”

“In addition, horses are not provided with enough water, risk overheating on hot asphalt and are forced to stand in their own waste because of inadequate drainage, the report said.”

I didn’t need this report to know what I’ve seen in the Central Park horses eyes since I was a child…..they aren’t happy.

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  1. The recent Comptroller’s Audit of oversight of the carriage horse industry brought to light what we have been saying for years – that this is a cruel and inhumane industry, the horses live in squalid, exploitative conditions and no one cares. This was first reported in the NY Times and later around the country via the AP.

    So what happens now – when I was at the park yesterday – it was business as usual and the horses were standing on CPS on the burning asphalt; no shade; still thirsty – and some standing in their own urine and feces. Life goes on – or not.

    Please write to Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn. The power is in her hands. Ask her to use her influence to sponsor legislation to ban the carriage horse industry in NYC and go the way of other more progressive cities such as London, Paris and Toronto where the industry has been banned for years. Use this link to leave her a message.

    Elizabeth Forel / Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages –
    [email protected]

  2. I think this is mainly entertainment for tourists so maybe there’s a way to concentrate on them? Or getting the word out too to lower business?

  3. How do you know the horses are thirsty, a horse drinks 3 gallons of water at a time. Not saying that they should be kept in a three by six stall all there lives but working them doesn’t hurt them, they are athletes, and if you put a horse outside, he’d poop in front of the door then go stand in it, they are not the brightest animal in the world. So the question is really why does the city not put a row of drains for the horses to urinate in, i think the drivers are required to have bags for the horses to poop in so that shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. did the horse look at you and say that it wasn’t happy, if so buy the horse cause if you got it to talk you can make more money with the ANIMAL than the owner could ever dream of making driving him.

  5. Professional horse trainers ranging from those who work with wild horses in Colorado to those who train racing horses contributed opinions on this and all concluded the horses were in un-healthy situations and were not happy. It’s no so difficult to tell if an animal is happy if you spend some time monitoring them and also this is New York City, not the Middle East or Asia. Working animals i New York City do not need to suffer any of these issues and it’s actually against the animal welfare laws so if you have a problem take it up with them.

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