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Why is spay & neutering important?

Spay & Neutering is the single most effective toolin controlling the over population of cats anddogs. Studies have proven, without question, thatspay & neutering controls over population morethan euthanizing animals.

How can that be true?

If you clear an alley of feral cats by whatevermeans, other animals are drawn to the scents ofthe alley. New animals take over the alley andpopulate even more than before.

What you want to do is take un-fixed animals outof their environment, fix them and put them backwhere you found them. This is called trap and release.

What can I do with animals while they recover?

Ask a friend, a family member or take it in yourself if possible.

Other options include foster program’s like –

Pet Finder

Kitty Kind (New York Area)

Mighty Mutts (New York Area)

Social Teez (NYC)

The Brooklyn animal foster network(Brooklyn, NYC)