<<< HomeWhy is spay & neutering important?
Spay & Neutering is the single most effective tool
in controlling the over population of cats and
dogs. Studies have proven, without question, that
spay & neutering controls over population more
than euthanising animals.

How can that be true?
If you clear an alley of feral cats by whatever
means, other animals are drawn to the scents of
the alley. New animals take over the alley and
populate even more than before.
What you want to do is take un-fixed animals out
of their environment, fix them, get them homes or
put them back where you found them.
Donate money to the animals
of Hurricane Katrina now!
For a discussion on spay and neutering click here!

To view and/or donate money to New York City animal
welfare groups click here!

To view more animal welfare resources on this site
click here!

If you are actively involved in working with
homeless animals in NYC, please contact us if
you’d like to discuss group projects.

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