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Did you know?

It’s nice to know who you are actually doing business with. Here are some quick facts you might not know about Downtown Pets –

1. We are an active donor to many charities. These charities have ranged from the ASPCA, NYCACC and Humane Society to Animals Asia and The Red Cross.

2. Downtown Pets is a green dog walking company. What does that mean? Click to find out.

3. Prospective walkers go through 2-3 weeks of training where they are thoroughly screened and tested. The average cost of training a walker is between $1,500-$2,000. We only hire 30% of those who actually train.

4. Our walkers are employees not independant contractors and we provide them with workers’ compensation and disability insurance. If a walker gets hurt on the job their bills are covered and if they miss work their salary is compensated.

5. We actively monitor the walkers without them knowing.

6. We now have a full-time backup walker to make coverage even smoother.

7. We offer free advice on house training, leash training and many other issues you might encounter with your dog. Just ask us (:

8. The average time a Downtown Pet’s walker has been here is nine months. So even if you have a backup walker, or a new walker, chances are they have been with the company a long time.

9. We have curbed the growth of our company to best ensure the quality of service.

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