What the michael vick dog fighting allegations have brought to light is that dog fighting is a problem in this country and it’s more prevalent then you might think. A study recently quoted that 1 out of 5 children from the inner city of chicago have taken part, in some form, with dog fighting. This is frightening considering the majority of violent offenders have had unhealthy relationships with animals. One of the major problems is that dog fighting, in some circles, has become a cool thing to be a part of and it doesn’t help that many celebrities are attached to this scene. It’s nice to see russell simmons and al sharpton speaking out against dog fighting so strongly. The president and both houses recently signed a bill making dog fighting illegal and the michael vick allegations themselves were recently discussed on the floor of the senate. You can click the following link to view a CNN behind the scenes look of the dog fighting world. Please click the following link to view a full page of posts about dog fighting.

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  1. People seem to think this is a sport – they should know about how they use cats and weak dogs to “warm up” the dog fighters; they should know how the dogs are beaten; they should know how dogs who lose either die naturally or are killed (drowned, beaten or shot); it’s not a sport!

  2. It’s nice and rare to see the law behind you when it comes to an animal welfare issue – it’s something to pay special attention too for the future.

  3. That bottom dog is not one of Vicks…it's Gypsy. She was found about 5 yrs ago at the side of a road left to die. The elderly woman who found her took her to a vet who fixed her up, and tho she lost a leg, most of her tongue and nose, she was doing ok last I heard.

  4. i find dog fighting terrible and just sad because i'm a huge dog lover and i love pitbulls they are amazing and very strong dogs and i just wish that dog fighting would be illegal in every country in the world but i don't see that happening anytime soon because there's lots of cruel human beings out there that find this intertaining.and pitbulls have a bad rep but its the owners not them they are very loving and loyal dogs just like any other breed.

  5. this is sickening its cruel and cowardly on the part of the owner the dogs dont ask for this wich is the worst part micheal vick is a piece of shit and should be forced to fight like he forced his dogto fight…..

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