owners who rarely, if ever, walk their dog and use wee wee pads in their house:

Plain and simple this is the least likely approach for a dog and owner being happy and healthy. Many owners of pocket dogs do not think their dogs need to go on walks nor relieve themselves outside. It’s not a surprise to me that so many dogs of this type are fear biters, have leash aggression, are anxious and unhealthy. For the owners sake, using wee wee pads past one year of age is just no fun, expensive and not necessary. A dog who is not house trained is also hard to take in stores, to friends houses and to hotels. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks and you can also teach an old dog how to walk on a leash, be house trained and go to the bathroom outside. “But how is my chi-hua-hua going to go the bathroom in the middle of the winter? That’s why I use wee wee pads”, someone might say. If you teach your dog to go to the bathroom on command, like “do your business”, then on a winter day you can pop outside for a quick bathroom break. If you continue to use wee wee pads you can never fully consider your dog house trained.

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  1. I used to be a dog walker and I took this house dog outside for what must have been like the first time in years and he was the happiest little thing I’d ever seen. He wanted to stay outside the entire day!

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