downer cow A downer cow is a live cow that cannot walk. This state can be caused by disease or injury.

A Humane Society undercover investigation (investigation / video) has exposed severe abuses to downer cows that have helped lead to the largest beef recall in American history! The actual amount of beef recalled was 142 MILLION POUNDS – enough flesh to feed every American 2 burgers each.

Abuses to downer cows is a time old tradition on industrial farms. The only reason the media is even discussing this story is because some of the sickened cows flesh made it into the human food chain. Abuses to sick downer cows perfectly embodies the science fiction horror know as industrial farming. When you pack animals into tight little spaces, inject them with endless antibiotics and feed them milk mixed with their fellow cows own blood….well, you reap what you sow.

On industrial farms the assembly line of slaughtering cows never stops moving, not for cows who are being skinned or cut up alive nor apparently for sickly downer cows who should not be slaughtered for human consumption.

Until we as consumers care more about how our foods are being produced and only support companies who share our moral values….well, we will reap what we sow too.

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