Downtown Pet’s FAQ


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How long has downtown pet’s been in business?

We’re been in business 16 years as of Deceber 25th 2017.

When will you arrive?

We will arrive at roughly the same time each day. We do create time frames with you for days where say the walker is stuck on the subway, a dog gets sick, bad wearther, etc.

What if you’re running late?

We will alert you ahead of time if we’re running late. It’s extremely rare we can’t walk in a dog in their time frame. If however we were faced with a uniquely bad day (with say 4 walkers being sick) we might need to shorten a walk or come slightly out of time frame to do all of our walks. Either way you will always get notice and honesty from us. 

How do you hire your dog walkers?

We have an extremely intense hiring and training process. Three out of our last ten hires have come from the IVY League, and we’re a dog walking business! We attract highly qualified applicants because of our high standards and our scientific projects. Our employees consistently remark that this is the favorite job they’ve ever had, and that Josh is the favorite manager they’ve ever had.

How long has downtown pet’s been in business?

We’re been in business 16 years as of Deceber 25th 2017.

What is Josh Schermer like as a manager?

Josh’s first priority has always been the care of the pets. His second priority has been the safety and welfar of the employees. Josh has mentored and coached well over 50 employees in the past 16 years. He has concentrated not only on their jobs and lives today, but what they will do for the rest of their lives. Josh has been credited with helping tons of employees at Downtown Pets to figure out their career paths. He has also allowed emplopyees to speak freely about their future plans, while still working at Downtown Pets. This has created a level of trust not common at most jobs, especially not common at most pet services. Downtown Pets rarely gets surprised by the future plans of their employees as other pet services do. This is because of the nature of open communication in the company. Employees can safely bring up gripes, company ideas and more without fear of being shut down, or reprimanded.

What makes downtown pet’s special?

Downtown Pet’s has been a leader in the world when it comes to safely walking dogs. We were the first professional pet service in New York City to have all of our walkers use safety belts with carabiners to protect dogs from running away. We also use backup equipment to ensure dog’s don’t run away.

Green and Charitable

Dogs and Employees First

How do payments work?

We have safely completed over half a million dog walks.

What are your prices?

We have safely completed over half a million dog walks.

Heard something bad about us?

Being in business as long as we have will inevitably lead to some mixed reviews in New York City. Heard something bad about us? Please ask us about it. Chances are very high it’s not true, or a misunderstanding. If there’s a time we have messed up we’ll own up to it. That’s part of what we’re know for, being honest.

Do our employees sign non-compete agreements?

Yes they do.

How many dog walks and pet sits has Downtown Pet’s done?

We have safely completed over half a million dog walks and thousands of pet sits. In all these dog walks and pet sits not a single pet has been injured in our care and not a single employee has commited a crime.

Do I recieve daily feedback regarding my pet?

Yes! We have extremely detailed feedback forms that will alert you to anything out of the norm with your pet.

Why can’t I have the contact information of my walker?

There are a lot of reasons for them, and least among them is a fear of the walker and client working behind our backs.