Five years ago I was very lost in life. I was broke, working a terrible job (barely minimum wage) and was resigned to the fact that a normal lifestyle would not be in the cards for me. But five years ago, Christmas morning, I got up around 6:30am and went to visit a cat named Biscuit whose owner was away. I was supposed to visit Biscuit 3 times that day for thirty minutes but I wound up spending four to five hours! It was obvious that this was the right business for me to be in.

How far Downtown Pets has come since that one cat visit! When prospective walkers ask me how I did it I tell them simply that I saw a chance to do something I loved and killed myself to make sure it happened. I routinely worked 100 hour work weeks in brutal weather and things were so overwhelming I would sometimes come home and cry. But thankfully I stayed with it through my love for animals, some very appreciative clients and the support of my girlfriend.

Thanks to all of you who have supported and shown love for what we try and do at Downtown Pets. I’m happy to say that our core values have never changed and that the dogs are still the ones we answer to first. And we do so with big smiles on our faces. 🙂

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