Most areas of the menu can be duplicated for a vegan but if there’s one gripe from most vegans it’s the bad soy cheeses out there (especially considering many of the soy cheeses have casein in them!). Well, during this holiday season I discovered a wonderful new vegan cheese by Dr. Cows. What’s amazing about this cheese is that it has no dairy, it has no soy and plain and simple it just stands on it’s own as a very good cheese. I haven’t tried it on a baguette but I have had it on crackers and in a salad. Click the following link to view the Dr. Cow website.

Here’s a product review and description of the process:

“…raw, organic tree nuts like cashews and macadamias as the base of their cheese products. They apply different cultures and molds, and age it like any udder cheese. The final products are irresistible, delicious, and obsession-worthy artisan cheeses that are not only amazingly savory and versatile, but they are 100% raw, vegan, and full of probiotics, enzymes, protein, healthy fats, and omega fatty acids. While conventional cow’s milk-based cheeses are laden with cholesterol, chemicals, hormones and a host of other objectionable attributes – not to mention the ethical and environmental concerns of animal agriculture and dairy-collection, Dr. Cow’s cheeses are an anomaly; Healthy and deviantly indulgent.”

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