The idea of exercising your cat seems strange to most people but it’s actually very important to their wellbeing and more people are starting to do it. Cats are happier when they are both physically and mentally stimulated. If you can find a way to add this dynamic into their daily life it will surely make them healthier and live longer too. On top of his, doing so has proven to help shy cats gain confidence and has made transitions into new homes easier. Take a look at the video below.

This is obviously an extreme example and I will mention some more accessible ones below but the truth is many cats are bored. At times we’ve all taken for granted that cats can get depressed and even feel no sense of real purpose in their lives.

Cats have predatory instincts which bodes well for chasing and fetching. Cats are also a cheap date and here’s a list of some of my best props:

1. balled up tinfoil – Let’s start with their most simple form of entertainment, the balled up tinfoil. My Mother used to do this and our cats had endless fun with it. It bounces, stays relatively intact and the cats love playing fetch with it.

2. the plastic ring around bottles – I don’t know what is about them but cats will chase and try and pick these up forever. I would be careful to make sure it is not left out unsupervised, to avoid the possibility of your cat swallowing it.

3. yarn and string – The big enchilada of cat play and another cheap one. My best reactions have come when I make the string slither across the floor or dance in the air. Cats enjoy the challenge of catching and holding onto the slithering little snake you’ve created. This is another item I would not recommend leaving out because cats can swallow and choke on it.

4. the cat dancer – The one product you should purchase for your cat is the “cat dancer”. I’ve used one of these since I was in high-school and most cats love it. You can purchase it at your local pet store or here.

I would recommend letting your cats win (catch the toy) a good percentage of the time and praise them when they do. Just like dogs you can use a few treats to reward your cats for their efforts and it will make them more excited to play again tomorrow.

Some quick ideas: set your television to turn on at certain points in the day and tuned to a station your cat might find relaxing (my cats seem to love classical music); ping pong balls in an empty bathtub; stuffed animals and a good cat stand with places to hide.

Plain and simple it’s a good idea to mix thing up and keeps things fresh. Both you and your cat will be better off for it (:

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  1. Loved the video and this is a great list. My cats sleep all day and think it’s partly because they are bored. I’m going to start “training them” into shape (:

  2. I’ve had the cat dancer too and my cats love it – tin foil in a ball has to be the best ever though and easiest and my cats are noticeably happier when I get off my butt and tire them out.

  3. There are way too many over weight cats. When I left my cats with my parents they got so fat. I was able to slim them down though, it can be done (:

  4. This is so great to see a post on exercising your cat – they love to do it, are so much happier when playing every day and I have to make myself do it more often, thanks!!!

  5. Thanks for the idea – I tried out the tin foil and after a few days got one of my cats to start bringing it back to me (: My other cat likes to catch it.

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