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15 and 30 minute dog walks –

Why not treat your dog to one of our individual dog walks? Your dog will always receive individual and loving attention from one of our well trained employees. Some of the things we can do on a dog walk are:

  • 1. Naturally tire your dog out – what’s nicer than coming home to a tired and happy dog?
  • 2. Bathroom break – Let your dog revlieve themself and also reinforce house training.
  • 3. Improve your dog on the leash – does your dog pull? It works out better for you, us and your dog if we walk in unison.
  • 4. We can reinforce basic training like commands, house training and leash training.
  • 5. Socialization – We can arrange for play dates with other dogs and actively search out other dogs on the street.
  • 6. Constant petting and support – I love when I see when of our walkers talking to a dog, rubbing a dog’s chest and just being involved with their dogs in general. We encourage that at Downtown Pets and a walker who doesn’t love their dogs would worry me.
  • 7. We will always give your dog fresh water at the end of a visit.
  • 8. Feedback – we will leave you daily feedback on how your dog did. If there is anything serious to discuss you will hear from us during the day.
  • 9. In the home – we can water your plants, feed your dog, take in your mail, brush your dog and even give a massage to your dog!
  • What we recommend –
  • * Puppy Owners (before they’ve all their shots): We recommend at least one 30 minute visit in the middle of the day. Your puppy will develop their personality in the early months of their life. All puppies are well served to be visited during the daytime hours. We recommend at least one 30 minute visit a day until your dog has all it’s shots.
  • * Puppy Owners (after they’ve received all their shots): We recommend either two 30 minute dog walks a day or a 30 minute and a 15 minute walk daily.
  • * How much exercis should your dog be getting a day?

In home new york city pet sits –

(pet sits are only available for our weekly dog walking clinets)

Going away for the weekend? We invite you to try our in home pet sitting service.

1. Your dog remains in their secure environment, where all the sights, smells, and sounds are familiar.

2. Your dog follows its customary diet, exercise routine and medical treatments, all the while receiving individual care.

3. We are also a bonded service so your house is protected.

nyc puppy services –

description of service –

Raising a puppy in New York City can seem like a daunting task but Downtown Pets offers a free nyc puppy program for our dog walking clients.

Please click the following link if you’d like to view our
nyc puppy care website. Our aim is to make your puppies transition into a well trained, happy and healthy dog as easy as possible. Our specialties include but are not limited to –

  • 1. advice on all puppy related products
  • 2. house training advice
  • 3. house training schedule geared to your lifestyle
  • 4. leash training basics
  • 5. reinforce basic training
  • 6. daily updates on your puppies progress

nyc dog trainer services –

description of services –

Downtown Pets believes in positive reinforcement when it comes to training your nyc puppy or adult dog. We offer free housetraining and leash training advice to all our clients and have websites dedicated to nyc puppy care and our long distance
nyc dog runners too.

key areas covered are –

  • 1. housetraining
  • 2. obedience training
  • 3. puppy care
  • 4. dealing with aggression
  • 5. behavior modification

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“Josh and his team are simply amazing. They give you the best of both worlds–the consistency of having the same walker from day to day, and a team of back-up walkers in case of emergency.”