House Train Dog Nyc2



things not to do when crating a dog –

Please click the following link to view our five step process to house train and or crate train your dog.

1. When introducing your dog to the crate do not force them into it.

The first day you use the crate tie the door open and let your dog investigate it.Feed your dog in their and finally at some point close the door and leave them init for a short period of time. Increase that time through the day until finally leavingthem for awhile.

2. Do not put any equipment on your dog when crating it.

Dogs have gotten caught in crates and hung themselves. Please do not ever have anyequipment on your dog in the crate.

3. Do not crate your dog when you’re angry with them.

The dog(s) must look at the crate as a happy and safe place and you can compromisethis by using it to scold them with.

4. Do not put your dog in a crate when they have diarrhea.

If your dog can not hold themselves from going to the bathroom for a physical reasonyou should not presently be crating them because it defeats the purpose.

5. Do not leave unsupervised food and water in the crate.

It’s all right to feed your dog in the crate and give it some water too but only when you’rethere and for a short period of time too.

6. The crate can not be to big.

If the crate is to big your dog will be able to make a mistake in the crate and still avoid it.Your dog should be able to do no more than sprawl out.