There is a huge divide between those who use nyc dog walkers and those who drop their dogs off at an nyc daycare facility. I’ve listed some of the pros and cons I see between the two of them below.

in home nyc dog care:
* pros: your dog gets to stay in it’s own environment and maintain it’s normal diet, walking routine, etc..
* cons: depending on the service you get, sometimes dogs are not tired out

nyc doggy daycare / boarding:
* pros: dog’s get mentally exhausted
* cons: lost of dogs get sick in kennel’s; lack of cardio activity

I’m obviously biased because I run an nyc dog walking company but I do believe that if you construct your dog walking visit according to your needs (cardio, play visit, socialization, etc) you can achieve the social benefits of daycare while getting a better cardio workout than daycare. For those who would like to send their dogs to daycare we recommend the wagging tail in tribeca.

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  1. There are also people who will run with your dog now too! I don’t know anything that tires a dog out more than a trip to the dog run chasing a ball, or going for a run.

  2. i like a combination of both – I have my dog walked four days a week and one day a week I let my guy lose his mind in daycare / when there’s a sickness going around I’ll hold off on the daycare / i do like the host’s idea of playdates though

  3. Here is other side of the table.
    – All vaccines are checked
    – Your dog is supervised during the day
    – You don’t have to have strangers in your apartment

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