A show I watch on MSNBC called Your Business had a segment this weekend with the founder of Green Order, Andrew Shapiro. Green Order shows companies how making your office more energy efficient is actually cost efficient. Some of the items they discussed were:

* Hybrid Solar Charger (by Solio) – Solar charger for for cell phones, MP3 players and GPS (learn more)

* Solar backpack – Energy cells in your backpack energize your mobile media (learn more)

* CFL Light Bulbs – Everyone seems to know that CFL light bulbs last 10 x longer then normal light bulbs but most people don’t go out and buy them. If you haven’t please click the following link to learn more about CFL light bulbs.

* Indoor plants help clear air of pollutants…

* Cellulose tape doesn’t use petroleum…

* Use unbleached coffee filters (learn more) or buy a gold coffee filter that requires no filters.

* Ask your utility company for an energy audit. They are usually free and can help save you lots of money.

* Get off junk mail lists…

* Use paper more efficiently by setting your printers to print double sided.

* Want some more ideas on leaving a smaller carbon footprint? (click here)

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