Western society has a grim view of china’s relationship with domestic animals and animal welfare in general, as they should. There are signs of progress though, in particular with domestic animals and dogs are starting to ingratiate themselves into all areas of chinese society. Hopefully this will lead to a better understanding of the positive effects domestic animals have on society at large, improving our happiness and health in general and hopefully it will benefit all animals in china too. The images of china’s recent dog cull due to rabies outbreaks were barbaric and infuriating. But what was lost in those pictures were many of the chinese dog owners who wept as their dogs were taken or even beaten to death right in front of them. If one is to believe that america is greater and more passionate than the monster known as the american industrial farming complex, then so must we give china a chance to love furry friends on their laps, the way we do. One would assume that creating a bond with domestic animals would be the foundation for a greater love for animals as a whole.

The following are images of dogs playing a role in different areas of chinese society.

Chinese firemen doing a drill with their helping fire dog.

A chinese soldier trains with a dog (found here)

Dogs in China are increasingly being trained as guide dogs.

A celebration for the “year of the dog”.

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  1. Even in the darkest, most dead places you will find a flower and this was enlightening to see an improving relationship between the chinese people and domestic animals. Now hurry up already (:>

  2. Great article and yeah we should really practice what we preach. Maybe Americans only hold sacred small animals and those who let us pet them. All others seem to be fair game,

  3. These images are fantastic. I love that you show both sides of the issue. The comparison to our industrial farming is alarming and makes the push toward a widespread understanding of how all animals socialize and have feelings even more urgent.

  4. Hi,

    I saw a movie about the Dalai Lama yesterday (called 10 Questions – I highly recommend it!). He said something that really helps me deal with my feelings of exasperation and grief over how dogs and cats are treated in China. Despite the fact that 87,000 Tibetans were killed by the Chinese after its takeover, he still feels we need to interact with the Chinese, trade with them, understand them, and get to know them. He holds no anger or bad wishes for them (hard to believe). We need to share our values and our ethics with the Chinese people. We need to keep talking, keep blogging, keep sharing, everywhere we can. Word will reach China as it spreads here. Hopefully, we can make a difference that way – it is the only way. I know this sounds naive and idealistic, but I think he is right: A change of heart is more powerful than any weapon.

    Do not give up with our important work. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

    Chaplain Nancy Cronk

  5. Great comments Chaplain and this was a great article. It really make you look at ourselves too here in America. To be able to tell people how wrong they are we need to raise our standards back to where they once were. And I think we will….

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