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Are you tired of your dog pulling you down the street?

Love your dog but don’t look forward to taking it for a walk?

Well, then this is the page for you.

1. How do I stop my dog from pulling on the leash?

My name is Josh Schermer and I run Downtown Pets a New York City dog walking, dog training and pet sitting service in Lower Manhattan. Some of my clients have the greatest dogs in the world and they love them on all levels EXCEPT when it comes to taking them for a walk. This of course is a big problem because let alone how fun it is to take a walk with your dog it is also essential for their long term health and happiness.

2. Why is my dog pulling?

First of all it is inherent in most dogs to try and be the pack leader and the pack leader walks in front. But have you always allowed your dog to feel like the pack leader both on the leash and at home? Does your dog walk through doors, into elevators and on the leash in front of you? All of these things tell your dog that it is your pack leader and must be changed.

3. Why does my dog pull away from me as I try and pull him towards me?

There is a reflex action in a dogs brain that does this. There are products like the gentle leader that trick the dog by putting pressure on all side of it’s head so it stays centered. But we only recommend gentle leaders for aggressive dogs and even then only if the dog does not try and continue to pull.

4. What type of leash should I use and how should I hold it?

We DO NOT recommend using retractable leashes but rather your typical nylon leash with a push lever. We put knots in our leashes starting a foot or so up from the clip and then every few inches afterwards. Hold your leash at the first or second lowest knot and ALWAYS hold it there. Your dog will grow to understand the boundary you have created.

5. What should I do when my dog tries to pull past me?

Start to utter a sounds of disapproval like “ah, ah, ah” and stop dead in your tracks. Do that EVERY TIME your dog tries to pull past you. Between that and holding the leash at the lower know it should help.

6. What type of equipment do you recommend to use with the above ideas?

We recommend sensation harness’ for most dogs.

I have fallen in love with a product called the “sensation harness” and it has had instant effects on all dogs we have used it with. It’s different than your normal harness because you clip the leash on the chest. There are many benefits from the sensation harness and some of them are:

A. Dogs like the simplicity of it. B. If on properly and your leash is held correctly, the dog can not pull past you. C. Amazingly effective in brining a dog back into your mentality. D. Has not to this point been attributed with any possible health problems like all other dog training equipment have.

7. What should I use for an aggressive dog who pulls?

If you have an aggressive dog you should think about a gentle leader. If the gentle leader is on properly and you are holding the leash short and tight your dog has limited to no ability to harm anything. This is because when he tries to leap the gentle leader tightens and closes his mouth. BUT if your aggressive dog continues to try and pull the gentle leader even after many weeks it’s NOT a long-term solution for you. Gentle leader’s can cause problems to the eyes and neck if not used properly.

8. How long should it take for my dog to walk better?

Every dog and owner are different but if you are consistent with the above AND give your dog enough exercise you should see improvements within the first month.

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