stop your dog from pulling on the leash –

Here are some keys to stop a dog from pulling on the leash.

1. Hold the leash with two hands – one through the loop and oneabout a foot up from the bottom.

2. Tie a knot on your leash about a foot or foot and a quarter up.Hold the leash underneath the knot and never move your hand.

3. Always keep your dog on the left side. If they stray to the rightgently guide them back to position.

4. If your dog continues to pull, stop in your tracks, wait until hefinally turns back to you, tell him he’s a good dog and continueon. Your dog should show recognition if you are consistant withthe above.

5. So you’ve done these things and your dog still wants to be thepack leader? You might want to invest in either a gentle leader or Halti and use them to teach the “heal command”.

What can Downtown Pet do to help you?

Downtown Pet prides itself on doing more than just giving yourdog a bathroom break. Our experienced walkers will helpreinforce leash etiqutte and basic training.Learn more about our nyc dog walker services.