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“They shouldn’t be really upset, OK?” he said. “Because it’s only just an animal (only an animal? you’ve already lost me). It’s just a dog that is raised up. He’s put out there, you know, and he’s chained up (so maybe you shouldn’t chain him up), OK. And the time he gets a certain age, this dog is going to want to fight (because he was bred to and now forced to). It is bred in him (hmmm, did the dog choose to be?), OK? He knows what he is and he’s going to fight. Just take him off the leash, let him go (yeah, let him off the leash and let him over to my place and get the fu*k away from you).” – Confidential source

clips from an espn article on michael vick:

* “Everybody in the dog world is worried about Michael Vick talking. Michael Vick is making large money; he’s making millions, OK? And if he has to tell on some people [to avoid prison time], I think he would tell … I don’t put nothing past him.”

– Confidential source

* The pit-bull debate is tired and done – an owner decides what type of dog their dog will be.

* Roger Goodall, the NFL commissioner, has ordered michael vick not to attend pre-season football camp.

* Please click the following link to view the entire 18 page indictment of michael vick and his alleged dog fighting ring.

Please click the following link to view a full page of posts about dog fighting.

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