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Not surprisingly Michael Vick’s two co-defendants have pleaded guilty to their dog fighting charges, presumably in a plea deal to point the finger at Vick himself. It is assumed they will receive 12-16 months each for their roles in running a brutal (the norm for the trade) dog fighting ring. This means that Vick, if found guilty, will probably get a more severe sentence and the fact that he is assumed to have financed the operation himself makes him even more responsible.

Whenever there is an animal rights issue in the spotlight you always have some people who are surprised by all this commotion created over an animal. It’s common to hear someone say, “if this had happened to a little kid no one would care”, but they couldn’t be more off the mark. Animal lovers might be passionate and vocal about the many atrocities committed against animals daily but the actual government resources dedicated to protecting animal rights is almost non-existent. There need to be strong voices because the truth is there are very few people running around whose sole purpose is to protect animals. Domestic animals have rights against abuse and the anti-fighting bill was recently passed but the resources to prosecute those who commit crimes and the actual penalties they receive don’t come close to equaling the crimes committed. There’s no doubt positive things are happening for animal welfare, but not to the degree some think.

Just think about this – the New York City Police force is the size of some countries armies and yet our NYCACC (New York City Animal Care and Control) is smaller than the one in the city of Atlanta!

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