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What actually happened to Molly the cat?

On Tuesday April 4, 2006, Nancy Gambert (owner of The Renaissance Group )
called me and asked if I would try and help her rescue a cat. Apparently Molly,
the store cat of Myer’s of Keswick had run into a very narrow alleyway between two
buildings, to escape a dog. She had been heard from since then but not seen. I told her
of course I would and walking over there that rainy day I had the same thoughts most
who visited the site would. What’s the difficulty here? It’s a cat in a tree right? If it’s
an especially finicky cat we’ll leave out a trap or I’ll put on my handling gloves and grab
her if necessary. But this would turn out to be the most difficult animal rescue any of us
had ever been apart of. It would turn out to be the big enchilada of animal rescues and
this one was going to have a happy ending.

From the very beginning it was obvious this was not your typical animal rescue. I stared
down the alleyway between the buildings and the first thing I saw was a pile of garbage,
maybe as long and high as a two story building. Spread out through this pile of garbage
you would see openings that hinted of a pipe or duct of some type. Some had thought
Molly had climbed up this pile of garbage and then gotten scared to come down. The
Fire Department had come and sprayed water from the back of the garbage pile.
Had she now gotten covered in debris? But in the same alleyway there were also
openings in the side wall of the building and this opening could have allowed Molly to
enter into either the side wall of the building and / or the floorboards of the first floor.

There’s something about hearing an animal in pain or need and especially when you
can’t see or reach them. We had spent the entire afternoon and night trying to at least
put a vague location on her and then we heard her start crying and that’s all it took.
We were not going to stop until we found her.

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Myers of Keswick
Between the two buildings.