The media and the circus that ensued.

Early on a news crew from FOX channel 5 came down and did a story on whatyou are allowed to do when you have a live animal stuck in a national landmarkbuilding. Apparently the story had a huge response and by the next day therewere a few more news crews there. You saw NBC, ABC and CBS by the endof that day and the NY Post and NY Daily News too. But as each day passedthe interest level got bigger and bigger and the site got goofier and goofier. I knewthings were getting big when newspapers from London, India and Japan wantedto interview me, along with CNN and the New York Times too.

The circus comes to town.

Stories such as these bring out all types. Some people wanted to support us whileothers were angry we were there. The mob around our site could reach fifty peopleat times and someone was even hired to wear a mouse suit down at the site. Westarted getting bombarded on a daily basis with advice. Now this advice rangedfrom harmless to crazy. One person had never been to the site, never seen thebuilding but they were convinced they knew where Molly was based on theirhoroscope? A small sampling of what we were told to do; put a ferret in thebasement; sing to her; use French cat food in the traps as opposed to the USversion and many others. By the end we discussed the idea of making a”suggestion box” and putting it ten blocks away from the site. While manypeople tried to help us with these ideas they were usually just draining the energyof people donating their time to save Molly. We started to call this the “here kitty,kitty” mentality. Everyone thought this cat was hiding when it was obviously asearch and rescue.

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