Where Molly was finally found.

Molly did turn out to be buried in the debris pictured to your right. BUT itwould not have been possible to reach her through the alley. Any attempt ingetting her through the alley would have surely caused the debris above herto collapse. The wall on the right in the picture is the wall of Myers ofKeswick. We were able to locate Molly roughly 14 feet into the alley and7 or 8 feet high. To reach her we would have to go through the stores walland we calculated a measurement a half foot below her with the idea wecould reach up and grab her.


view-of-molly-catMolly was found trapped inside themetal sheet on the left of the imagebut it was an even worse place to be thanthis picture shows. It was completelycovered in garbage before we got to her.We assume she might have gotten a mouseor two and luckily it did rain a few timesduring her stay.


whole-in-myers-keswick When we finally zeroed in on Molly’s location the owner allowed us to gothrough his store wall. Upon getting through the wall and bricks we found yearsand years of garbgae and found everything from ancient beer cans to a water hose.

molly-view-to-streetThis was Molly’s view to the street.The bright light in the distance in themiddle of the screen is Hudson Streetso she could both see and hear us as wesat and talked back to her at night. It’snice to know that might have given herhope and helped her get through this.