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What could have been done differently?

For as successful as our teamwork and cooperation was many of us feel a lot of things could have been done differently.
Rescues such as this cost money, even when it’s primarily a volunteer operation. There is equipment, missed wages for many and the reconstruction effort. We were part of a story that was on the front page of newspapers and on newscasts around the world and yet we did not start solicting for donations until a few days after Molly had been saved. But even when we did it was not coordinated and the buzz was already gone. In the future if you’re in the position we were you should make deals with news groups. You give them access to a special part of the story and they agree to do a continuing push on the donation effort.

At the work site itself there are two areas I think people can learn from. First of all people need to eat, drink and take breaks. Some of us were down at the site breathing in who knows what for endless amounts of time. There reaches a point where you’re not as productive and do not think clearly. Many of us had mini-breakdows of some type and and towards the end of the rescue some of us even started to have health problems. In chaotic situations such as these it’s important to keep some form of regularity to keep goals and time frames in site.


While we were very adept at getting necessary equipment, having things cut down to size, etc., there’s much to be learned from our experience with equipment in rescues.

Seeing Equipment:

On one of the first nights down at the site we were able to get the Fire Department to stop by. They poked a small, snake like, seeing device into the building. Different forms of this type of camera are available to the public (plumbers and chimney sweepers use them) and you can find some here: If you have a cat who is stuck somewhere in the floorboards or anywhere inside a building, you need to get the camera deep into spaces and then be quiet. You need to make things as quiet as possible for the cat to come out. Obviously leaving out food, cat nip and traps will increase your chances even if you do not see the cat.

Hearing equipment:

Plain and simple when you have a situation where you can not see the person or animal you are trying to save, you must hear them! High level hearing devices can be expensive (in the neighborhood of $20,000 +). If you have a good idea where the animal is stuck you might be able to get the Police or Fire Department to help you.They have devices that can get into places normal sound and camera equipment can not. If you do not have access to equipment like this you should involve ecoustic engineers such as: . Also try and rule out areas completely where the animal could be. Keep in mind that sound is tricky and in our situation it was made more tricky by all the holes and wind tunnels in the area.

Essential Equipment:

You need to have the basics on hand like; duck tape; mag lights; knifes; masks (REAL MASKS); shovels; sledge hammer; thick work gloves; industrial air purifier(s); industrial garbage bags; extension poles; snake camera(s); stethescope; crow bar(s); caution tape and cones to keep crowds back; plastic covering (to protect anything around the area you are working on); drill and different size bits; eyeware.

Essential equipment for reconstruction:

If you’re going to tear into a wall, get a paint sample and show the owner you are ready to immediately repair the wall and paint it too!