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Dealing with the owner of the property you want to work in.

As important as any aspect in our rescue of Molly was the continuing communication and relationship with the person responsible for the property. Without that person on board, all the media attention and mob outside would still have done nothing. It became my responsibility and goal from the moment I got involved to keep the owner on board. When dealing with an owner in a situation like this it’s important to keep them up to date on what you are doing, how you will do it and how you will fix it when things are over.Many bad things have been said about him and his roal in the rescue. No one knows better than me about the owners involvment in this experience. People blame him for not being an un-responsible reckloose and ripping his entire store apart. Did I have to fight him on some things? Of course but he was also trying to run a business. At the end of the day the owner allowed us to do everything we needed to save Molly. He has also been very supportive in the reconstrcution effort and he and I have had a very positive working relationship. We credit it as one of the major reasons we were able to continue and eventually find Molly.